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An Initiative by Amulya Herbs Pvt Ltd 

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Advanced Programs
in Health Sciences 

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Collaborative Advanced Certificate Program

Advanced Certification in

Acupressure & General

Health management

Diploma in acupressure therapy covers acupressure techniques for management of ear, nose, eye, mouth, throat & speech, skin, neck, shoulder diseases, including special conditions for pain management of wrist, tennis elbow conditions, sciatica, back pain, leg, calf & foot problems, joint pains & management of arthritis. It also covers management of physiological conditions of respiratory tract, including bronchial asthma, bronchitis, sinus; digestive & urinary system disorders and management of jaundice, constipation and other conditions. It also extensively elaborates on neurological conditions, including headache, depression, insomnia, hysteria management & special techniques, including techniques for weight gain, anti aging, hair growth, pimples, hernia and male and female hormonal diseases.

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Dr. Manish Marwaha
MD Amulya Herbs

"I welcome you to Amulya Academy where, in each student, we cultivate a leader & an exemplary individual in Health Sciences. The programs offered at Amulya Academy are tailored by a team of adept scholars, researchers, & innovators. As you progress through these programs, you will see education as a purpose and not merely as another formal learning. Amulya Academy is guided by principles that define the core of education and guide you on your road to professional success. I am confident that during your journey with us, each member of the Amulya & Chitkara Teams will contribute to your educational & professional upliftment. I encourage you to explore everything that Amulya Academy has to offer and wish you all the best on this journey."

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Amulya Academy's Vision

To be partner in building India as a world leader in Medical Education & Health care

Amulya Academy's Mission

  1. Aid Educational institutes in the study of herbs & plants for medicinal purposes.

  2. Support & Encourage students in their professional careers in Health Sciences

Insurance Policy

Program Brochure and Application Form


About the Collaborative Advanced Certificate Program

AMULYA HERBS in collaboration with Acupressure Parishad has come together to offer Advanced Certification Programs in Acupressure Therapy and Basic Health management, which provides an opportunity for candidates pursuing the certificates to acquire applied and in-depth knowledge through a combination of lecture and practical sessions conducted by Trainers with a high level of specialization and Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Health, Nursing and Pharma Sciences. The skills and knowledge gained through this Program make a candidate highly professional in handling queries, providing advice and offering support for better health management using the skills gained through this program.

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